Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do you know?

What my main character could look like if my novel (once published) were made into a film. Hint. Hint
How do you know when your novel is good enough to be sent out to the world? I've been working on it for at least a year and it's getting to the stage where I almost know it off by heart, every sodding word, but is the order of them good enough? Have I created something that people will want to read, maybe even without cringing? It's great to have such positive feedback from friends and my mentors at Manchester University, but how can I turn this into a pitch?

Wow, that's a lot of questions this morning.

I think the synopsis and a decent pitch are the key to getting the thing read, so I've written about twenty different cover letters and seven different synopses but am really struggling with the one- and two-page plot details. It's a complicated psychological thriller, complicated being a big part of it. Then there's the research into the agents to see who might actually be interested in reading it, so I'm spending hours on each one and trying to target accordingly. Not everyone will want to read what is contained between these pristine white sheets...

This better bloody work.

Help much appreciated! Sigh.

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