Saturday, August 20, 2011

#Amendment to Rejection post

My mum read the email I received from the publishers, slapped me about the head a couple of times, and told me to read it properly.

It's not a rejection, it's interest in my work and an ask to stay in touch while they finish working on their current project and I finish off mine. I guess I've been looking for the negative for so long that I can't see the good stuff when it comes along, unless it hits me it would seem. 

So I have a possibility. Interest. A not-at-this-moment-but-in-the-future email. From a publisher.  One who thinks I have created 'a very interesting voice'.

Excuse me while I do my happy dance around the lounge. All I have to do is find an agent now. Anyone want to work with an author who has the attention of a publisher?


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